My River

Crowdsourced portraits along Oxford's waterways

Find out more

Find out more

Through Autumn of 2015, Digital Prisoners are working with OVADA and Museum of Oxford to collect selfie video portraits of people and places along Oxford's rivers, streams and canal. These portraits will be added to a Cabinet of Luminosities as part of the museum's 40th anniversary celebrations.

Henry Taunt

This project is inspired by Oxford photographer Henry Taunt. A Victorian pioneer of photography, Taunt's work included the first pocket guide to the River Thames illustrated by photographs. He was also a magic lantern showman. In January 1892 he presented a children's party at Oxford Town Hall, using this early projection device to take them with Alice Through the Looking Glass

Meeting Point

Digital Prisoners create interactive spaces and projections. The Cabinet of Luminosities is a contemporary twist on the magic lantern, providing visitors to Museum of Oxford a novel way to delve through the looking glass and explore the selfie video portraits that you create!

Take part

To take part in this project is easy! Find a place along one of Oxford's many waterways that inspires or engages you, take a short (20s-60s) selfie video, and share it with us.

A few simple rules.

  • Make sure you're in shot for at least some of the video.
  • Make sure we get to see something of where you are.
  • Be creative, and have fun.
  • ... and hopefully it doesn't need saying, but be careful!

Once you have your video you can share it with us online through YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #MyRiverOxford

Or just email

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